Terms and Conditions

I hereby consent that DKMS, its international entities and La Comunidad Corporation dba the community may use and distribute any video or audio recordings or photographs provided by myself or produced in collaboration with DKMS and La Comunidad Corporation. I also consent to DKMS and La Comunidad Corporation using and disclosing the personal information contained in the recordings or photographs.

The video and audio recordings and photographs may be used for joint public relations work with DKMS and La Comunidad Corporation. This includes, for example, organizing donor drives and publications on the internet (in particular on the DKMS website, affiliate websites and on social media networks), as well as other public relations, marketing and fundraising campaigns operated by DKMS and La Comunidad Corporation. This may also include releasing information to the media, which would only be used in the context of DKMS.

I consent that the video and audio recordings and photographs may be shared with other organizations within the DKMS group and used by them for the same purpose.

I am aware that when recordings or photographs and the personal information contained within are published on internet platforms owned by DKMS and La Comunidad Corporation, they are accessible worldwide. This means the data can be found, for example, via online search engines. It is therefore possible that other people or companies may use or modify the data for other purposes.

The aforementioned rights of use are not limited in terms of time, geographical location or media.

I can revoke this consent at any time without giving a reason. The notice must be sent in writing to DKMS, 100 Broadway, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10005 or by email to pr@dkms.org.

Due to the time it takes to produce and distribute printed materials, DKMS may be unable to remove any photographs in question from printed materials until the next round of production. I am aware that materials already in circulation cannot be recalled.

DKMS is committed to using any personal data, video and audio recordings and photographs solely in its quest to delete blood cancer. DKMS also agrees to ask the undersigned for each use if any special requests are made from the media.